About Eye Survive

Eye Survive is an organisation of friends and family set up to administer the ‘Iain Galloway Ocular Melanoma Fighting Fund’, a trust fund whose primary objective is the funding of such treatments as he may need in his fight against ocular melanoma.

Terms of the Trust

In the tragic event of his death, the fund will be used to secure the future of his immediate family Gen and Ted, with a proportion to be given to Ocumel UK eye cancer charity.

20% of money raised via sponsorship or anonymised donations through events or stalls will be donated to Ocumel UK. This reflects the role they have already had in helping Iain fight the disease, who probably wouldn’t be here now if it wasn’t for their efforts.

Should Iain continue to survive the cancer and the current drug regime keep it at bay, the trustees shall hold the money in trust until he needs it, possibly in several years time. It is in the nature of the disease that we are unable to know when the money will be needed since this could re-appear at a later date. All Iain’s medical consultants at Birmingham’s QE and Southampton General Hospital have consistently indicated that this will recur at some point possibly in his lungs, bones and brain.

The aim is to raise money to enable Iain to obtain groundbreaking new treatments in the rapidly advancing field of melanoma research.


The Eye Survive Trust:
Email: info@eyesurvive.org
Website: www.eyesurvive.org
Facebook: www.facebook.com/eyesurvive
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