*UPDATE* Two years since spread!

There’s not been a diary entry for a good while, what wth all the other stuff we’ve been doing, so now seemed an opportune time to catch up on things. Two years since metastatic spread was diagnosed! 24/10/15 — This date marked two years since we had the world-shaking news that my eye melanoma had […]

Auction — date TBA

The Eye Survive Auction, which we hope to run in early Autmun, will feature a range of services and goodies on offer for all those wiling to give it a go! Alreasy earmarked for the occasion is the raffle of a kindly donated high-value contemporary painting of Canon Hill Park Bandstand, the auction of a […]

My Liver Operation

This was a scary time. There’s the worry I might die or suffer complications from the operation, and I don’t want this at all and I don’t want to die and I have a young family. What’s more, it’s only once the surgeons get really stuck in that they’ll know the true extent of the […]

The Fight for Treatment

December — Arranging treatment is a battle 04/12/13 — Second appt with Darius Mirza who agrees that a resection is possible having now seen original Sheffield MRI scans and is happy to do this pending clear laparoscopy, maybe very late December but likely early Jan. It’ll be good to have this done in Brum obviously. […]

Diagnosis of Spread


A summary of the journey from diagnosis of spread to my liver at the very end of October to getting ourselves together and seeking treatment… Late October — The late Iain Galloway? 24/10/13 — Initial diagnosis on US scans in Sheffield Hallamshire showing a lesion in left side of liver. 25/10/13 — Contacted Kathryn Curtis […]

Paul Green — Am I There Yet?

We are very lucky to have so many friends using their talents to support our cause… and this is quite a special one. Local author Paul Green has offered to donate half of his royalties from his book below to Eyesurvive! It’s on Kindle, it’s a laugh out loud read (I have read it) and […]

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