Diary Introduction

Hi Folks, this section of the site is my own take on things. A little bit of background about who I am and what I do and some details of our experience as a family throughout this desperately difficult time in our lives.

I’ve also compiled a diary for the different episodes of the whole cancer experience. This takes you from initial sighting of the “little lump, probably nothing to worry about”, through cancer treatments, learning of the cancer spread right up to the present drug treatment.

Hope you find it a good read and enjoy the experience more than I have ;-)

Who am I?

I’m a 45-year-old married father of one who lives in Birmingham, although I’m originally from Sidcup in Kent. Oddly enough I work in IT developing healthcare applications and have enough exposure to the medical environment as it is.

My beautiful wife Genevieve has been incredibly supportive throughout the whole experience, which as you can imagine has been traumatic. This has especially hard for us because we’ve recently brought a wonderful son into the World — although he keeps us sane and happy at the same time. Our son Ted has just had his first birthday and thankfully is oblivious to all of the stresses ans strains and is more interested in opening kitchen cupboards and trying to climb onto the TV!

All the while I’ve tried to carry on as normal and to enjoy life in the way I always have done. Spending time with our little family is the best thing and I play football twice a week. I also play chess to a reasonable level — in fact the team I play for are the current Midlands champions.

As I think of more things I may add to this section, but please keep an eye out for more diary posts.

The main thrust for us now is to keep me going as long as possible and to research the most promising trials and be in touch with the relevant people well in advance. I allocate a day a week — usually grim Mondays! — solely for research into new treatments and trials and with any luck I may hit upon something that works, whilst being careful not to exclude myself from other trials by what I take in the meantime. As Matthew Wheater and Neil Pearce from Southampton both said “it’s an exciting time in melanoma at the moment”.






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